Wellneo 5in1 Beauty Pro Wet & Dry

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The Wellneo 5in1 Beauty Pro Wet & Dry 




Your personal skin expert for effortless & effective beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home. 


  • Interchangeable attachments for Hair Removal, Foot care & Nail Care:
  • You will receive a battery operated main unit & 4 attachments:
  • Shaver & Trimmer attachment
  • Epilator attachment
  • Callus remover attachment
  • Nail Polisher & Manicure/Pedicure set
  • Instruction Manual

The unit is cordless & water resistant

Can be used both in the shower on wet skin & on dry skin.

Comes with a built-in LED light function for improved results.

Small & compact, perfect for travelling

Lightweight & ergonomical design


The Wellneo 5in1 Beauty Pro Wet & Dry can do all of these jobs in the simple change of the attachment. It is quick, easy to use & will save you time & money.


No need to visit the beauty salon for expensive treatments anymore!


Functions of the Wellneo 5in1 Beauty Pro Wet & Dry


Regular use makes hair growing back thinner and more slowly, meaning that the periods of time between shaving increases so you will only have to maintain it every few weeks instead of every few days. It removes hair swiftly and easily from legs and forearms and more delicate areas like the underarms. Effectively removes unwanted hair, leaving you with smooth and silky results and when the hair does grow back it'll be softer, thinner and less noticeable than before.


Trimmer + shaver:
The special skin-friendly trimmer attachment is designed to provide the best performance by trimming and shaping areas for a neat and tidy appearance – great choice for the bikini line. This system offers you to choose from 3 different length settings to manage your stubble and look. Stainless steel blade will keep your skin smooth and clean after every use without damaging it.


Nail polisher + complete manicure and pedicure set
This nail polisher is an innovative nail care product that buffs, smoothes and shines nails leaving them ready to wear and smooth enough for nail polish to glide on effortlessly.

Super Smooth & Super Shine
- leaves your nails with a naturally beautiful shine
- enjoy a naturally beautiful shine that lasts up to 2 weeks
- this revolutionary battery powered device is easy to use, taking the hard work out of nail buffing.


Callus remover:
Don’t be afraid to show off your soft and smooth feet anytime and everywhere. Effectively and effortlessly files away dead, hard & dry skin and rough calluses from the feet leaving your skin nicely smooth. It comes in two different hardness for fine removing of dead cells and for more firmer removal. 

  • For all your beauty needs
  • Smooth, silky skin for longer!
  • With 4 different attachments
  • Hair Removal, Foot Care, Nail Care