Core Rhythms - Buns & Thighs Blaster

Core Rhythms - Buns & Thighs Blaster
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Complement your Core Rhythms Starter Kit workouts with The Core Rhythms Buns & Thighs Blaster 2 DVD set, featuring workouts that lift and shape your buns and thighs.

JUMPIN' JIVE - this high intensity 45 minute workout will have you jump jivin' those thighs into shape!

SWING SENSATION - a 45 minute bun-slimming workout with fun, easy-to-follow swing dance moves!  workout.

Plus, bonus dance instruction videos with sultry Swing, Rhumba and Paso Doble moves you can take straight to the dancefloor!

This special offer price is valid for a limited time only.  No further discounts can be applied to this price.  

  • 2 DVDs
  • 2 45 minute swing and jive dance workouts
  • 2 BONUS dance instruction videos