Wellneo Cordless Wand massager


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The Wellneo cordless wand massager will help you relax after a hard day with an intense vibration massage that you can perform anywhere on your body. You can choose between 3 levels of intensity and 2 programs. Treat yourself to the relaxation you’ve always wanted but didn’t have the time or money for.

The massage will eliminate stiffness in the neck & upper back and pain in the lower back, relieve tension in the leg muscles and relieve shoulder pain. You can choose between 3 intensities and 2 programs. The attachments can be washed, so it can be used by the whole family.

For the price of one regular massage, you can now afford a massage for the whole family at any time. Cordless and rechargeable by USB, this is handy, compact and to easy to use.

Tailor your massage as you wish:

2 interchangeable silicone massage attachments that deliver a relaxing vibration massage or deep tissue massage;

Flexible massage head with which you can regulate the pressure and penetrate deep into the muscles;

Choose one of 2 massage methods and one of 3 intensities that provide complete control over the massage;

Access hard-to-reach places such as the neck and back

Once charged, use it for up to 2.5 hours.

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Includes >>

1 x Wellneo Cordless Wand Massager

2 x interchangeable silicone attachments: 1 for relaxing vibration massage, 1 for deep tissue massage

1x USB charger

Benefits >>

Vibration massage therapy involves vibration. This technique is difficult to perform manually, so it is best to use a quality device such as the Wellneo cordless wand massager for this purpose.

With circular movements, the device performs an intense vibration massage and provides an exceptional feeling of comfort. If you are tormented by tense and tired muscles, for example after several days on your feet or intense exercise, the vibration massage with the Wellneo cordless wand massager will significantly improve your well-being.

How To Use >>

Whether you just want to alleviate the muscle stiffness that results from a hectic lifestyle, or you want to eliminate orange peel with an intensive massage, the Wellneo cordless wand massager is the right choice for you.

The device adapts perfectly to your body and allows you to focus on problematic work. For best results, we recommend that you adjust the therapy by adjusting the intensity of the massage. For complete relaxation, we recommend the use of an additional deep tissue massage attachment. Ergonomically designed massage points ensure that vibrations penetrate deep into the muscles and thus increase the massage effect.