Wellneo Glowing Youth Magnetic Mask


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Wellneo Magnetic Face Mask is a revolutionary breakthrough in skin care. Its secret lies in a special magnetic formula with metallic particles and active nutrients that invigorate your skin.

Using the magnet provided, you remove the metal particles along with the impurities, leaving only the skin with nutrients that moisturize and pamper the skin.

Magnetic face mask for an instant youthful appearance

Wellneo Magnetic Face Mask is designed to restore your skin with strong magnetic properties and key active ingredients, protecting it from the everyday negative effects of the environment.
The mask provides outstanding results and an immediate effect on your skin, which will leave a clear, velvety and taut finish.

A strong magnet removes the top of the mask, along with any impurities.

The active nutrients of the ingredient are absorbed into the skin.

There will be a layer of ingredients on the skin that restore your radiance and enrich it.

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Includes >>

Wellneo Glowing Youth Face Mask comes in a 50ml easy to apply container.
No animal testing and comes with a Zestify 30 day money back guarantee.

The Beauty Of Your Skin >>

The secret of the Wellneo face mask is in a specially crafted magnetic formula. The mask contains metallic particles that revitalize the skin with more active nutrients.

After applying a thin layer of the mask, metallic particles and active nutrients start working and moisturize and nourish your skin together.

You will be amazed how this innovative technology reveals the true beauty of your skin.

Strong Magnetic Attraction >>

Along with the metal particles, it also removes impurities, that affect skin aging.

Using a magnet wrapped in a cosmetic wipe, slowly and gently remove any metal particles in the mask, which will also remove any impurities.

Only a layer of nutrients will remain on your skin, enriching your skin and restoring it to a healthy glow.

Complete Skin Pampering >>

The Wellneo face mask contains the ultimate blend of ingredients to completely pamper your skin. One of them is Matrixyl ™ 3000, which promotes wrinkle smoothing and improves tone and elasticity.

The mask is enriched with retinol, which promotes skin health and regeneration of skin cells.

In addition, we have added a number of natural nourishing oils to the formula, such as jojoba oil, almond oil and olive oil, which keep your skin glowing, moisturized and protective.