Wellneo Multifunctional Nail Kit


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Professional nail care without leaving home
Are you fed up with spending money on expensive beauty salons to enjoy beautiful nails? Now you can take care of it yourself - you do not need any specialized knowledge or expensive equipment. All you need is the Wellneo multifunctional nail kit, everything you need for a professional manicure and pedicure.

The kit comprises of a small battery-powered device and 5 different attachments to shape, file, smooth, polish and profile nails on your hands and feet and give them a perfect look - just like leaving the nail salon!
- Buffing attachment – for buffing to a natural finish
- Grinding attachment - to shape, sculpt and trim
- Shaping attachment – smoothing thick and rippled nails
- Cuticle attachment - for removing dead skin and cuticle pusher
- Fine shaping attachment – to shape and contour nails
You will also get a travel pouch.

It's simpler than you think
Even if nail care has not been your strength so far, the Wellneo multifunctional nail kit will ensure that the whole process is simple and fast. A special milling machine cuts your nails without risk of breaking them, which often happens when using a regular file.

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Includes >>

1x electric milling machine

1x cuticle remover

1x nail profiling tip

1x tip for smoothing the nail surface

1x polishing tip

1x tip for skin care on the sides of the nail

1x travel pouch

How To Use >>

When performing a pedicure, first soak your feet to soften your nails. Use a special tip to remove hardness and cuticles from your heels and toes.

File your nails and shape them using the included attachments, and then smooth the edges. The final stage is polishing, which will give your nails a shiny, healthy look.