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Achieve flawless, smooth and hair free skin in the comfort of your own home with the new and improved Wellneo 4 in 1 Tweeze Premium Plus. With 4 interchangeable heads - facial massage, exfoliation/cleansing, shaving and epilation – it offers multiple possibilities.

Waxing is painful, and regular treatments in a beauty salon can become expensive. Now, receive all the care you deserve and achieve radiant looking skin in the comfort of your own home with the Wellneo 4 in 1 Tweeze Premium Plus, the ultimate device for comprehensive skin care.
It comes with 4 attachments:
- An epilator/tweezer that quickly and effectively removes hair from the root for smoother, softer, hair free skin
- A shaver/trimmer for those sensitive body parts, including underarms, face, bikini line.
- A facial brush for gentle exfoliation and skin cleansing
- A facial massage head for complete relaxation and improved lymph flow.

Fast, effective and pain free
Tired of unwanted and unsightly hair on your face? Struggling with uncomfortable hair in areas where removal is time consuming and painful? Just use the epilator/tweezer head. Hair removal on your face or sensitive areas will be quick, easy and effective so you can look immaculate and feel confident every day.

Perfectly smooth skin, anytime
The shaving/trimming head, in addition to the epilator/tweezer, will help shape the perfect hairline, as well as delicate areas such as the nose or mouth area regardless of the length of your hair. The shaving attachment will perfectly handle even the tiniest ones to ensure your skin always remains smooth.

Beautiful and dazzling skin
Use the skin cleansing brush attachment and gently exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, ensuring deeper penetration, radiant complexion, and improved results for your favourite skin care cosmetics.

Youthful and healthy-looking skin every day
Use the massage head and its 4 gently vibrating rollers and treat yourself with a vibrating face massage in the comfort of your own home. This will stimulate blood circulation and consequently enrich your skin cells with oxygen and other nutrients. It will also speed up the cleansing of the skin from the inside. Your skin will look healthier and radiant.

The perfect solution for the fast pace of life
In addition to being a versatile hair remover, the Wellneo 4 in 1 Tweeze Premium has many more advantages:
- It can be taken anywhere, thanks to its compact size
- It runs for up to 45 minutes on a single charge
- It can be used on dry or wet skin
- It is completely waterproof

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Includes >>

1x Wellneo 4 in 1 Tweeze Premium Plus unit

1x Epilator/tweezer head

1x Shaver/trimmer head

1x Facial brush head

1x Facial massage head

1x charger (2-point socket required)

1x cleaning brush

Removes Even The Thinnest Hair >>

The epilator/tweezer head removes all your unwanted hair, even the smallest and thinnest, using a system of fast rotating, pain free and effective tweezers.
Designed for various parts of your body, even the sensitive ones, it is perfect for the face, the underarms, the arms/hands or legs/feet

How To Deeply Cleanse The Skin >>

Using the facial brush, apply the recommended amount of your favourite skin cleanser according to the instructions on a slightly damp brush and allow the 3600 bristles to do their job.

Cleansing the skin with this attachment is recommended once or twice a week, and exfoliation can also be done before hair removal.

What About Facial Massage? >>

Whilst we like to massage other parts of the body, we tend to forget about facial massage although it brings many benefits.

First, apply your favourite cream or serum to your face using the facial brush so it reaches the deepest layers of your skin. Then, simply use the massage head for complete relaxation.

Say Goodbye To A Puffy Face >>

Our face consists of as many as 43 muscles that take care of facial features and we use them constantly.

By massaging the face in the direction of the lymph nodes, we can ensure better lymph flow, better oxygenation and the removal of excess fluid.

This ensures a fresh land radiant ook without swelling