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One Bar... An Entire Gym Worth Of Exercises

A Revolutionary, extremely portable and light-weight piece of fitness equipment
the BodyGym was created to help everyone get in better shape from beginners to professional athletes.

Make the BodyGym Core System your resolution solution!
Like a home gym in your hands, this popular resistance-band workout lets you perform dozens of gym-quality exercises practically anywhere.
Its simple snap-together bar and easy-to-adjust resistance band allows you to customize your workout to the level that's right for you. Simply roll the bar towards you to make the band tighter!

Need to fit in a workout on the go? A travel bag lets you take everything you need with you.

Whether you're just beginning your journey or enhancing an existing routine, the BodyGym Core System includes everything you need to get your fitness goals in gear. Get started with two DVDs, including one packed with Marie Osmond's favourite exercises.
Motivation starts today with the BodyGym Core System.

Lose The Gym
The BodyGym replaces thousands of dollars of gym equipment. It's a home gym that fits right in the palm of your hand.

Incredibly Portable
Weighing less than 3 lbs, easily take BodyGym with you wherever and whenever.

Just 9 Minutes
Start feeling the results in as little as 9 minutes a day. Exercise on your schedule!

BodyGym Bar
BodyGym Dipped Natural Latex 15LB resistance Band
BodyGym Travel Bag
BodyGym Booklet
BodyGym Targeted Workout DVD
FREE BONUS Move With Marie DVD
Quick Exercise Guide Sticker Pack
Tape Measure

*Caution: This product contains a natural latex band that may cause allergic reactions.

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Includes >>

BodyGym Bar
The patented detachable BodyGym bar that weighs less than a pound makes it easy to travel with and take with you anywhere.

BodyGym Dipped Natural Latex Band
Our high-quality natural dipped latex band with comfort cushion and foot/hand straps allow you to comfortably perform dozens of exercises.

BodyGym Travel Bag
A nylon carrying bag that allows you to conveniently store your BodyGym system.

BodyGym Booklet
BodyGym guidebook with instructions and photos to guide you though your exercises.

BodyGym DVD
Features 14 Targeted Workouts approx. 9 minutes each of instructional videos to help you get fit fast!

Quick Exercise Guide Sticker Pack
Apply the sticker to the top of the BodyGym bar to easily see your workouts at a glance.

Faqs >>

What Is The BodyGym?
The BodyGym is a portable hand-held fitness product and home fitness program that utilizes resistance training.

What Is Resistance Training?
Resistance training a form of exercise that causes the muscle to contract with an applied form of resistance with the expectation of increases in muscle strength, tone, or mass.

What Material Is The BodyGym Resistance Band Made From?
The BodyGym uses high-quality dipped natural latex Resistance Training Bands to allow users to increase and decrease resistance in an instant (unlike traditional weights).

How Many Exercises Can I Do With The BodyGym?
There are dozens of exercise combinations included with the BodyGym Instruction Brochure and DVD's that can replace thousands of dollars of professional gym equipment, all in a lightweight hand-held device.

Who Should Use The BodyGym?
The BodyGym is a portable resistance training system that allows you to workout at your level, from beginner to elite athlete. As with any exercise program, BodyGym recommends consulting your physician and listening to your body to determine an appropriate fitness regime.

How Much Does The BodyGym Weigh?
The BodyGym weighs less than 3 pounds and is easy to disassemble, making it the ultimate travel companion.

What Exercises Can I Do With The BodyGym?
The BodyGym includes full-body workout routines including Warm Up, Stretching, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core Exercises.

How Do I Take Care Of My BodyGym Band?
Keep the BodyGym Resistance Training Band away from direct sunlight, direct heat, dampness and sharp objects to help preserve the strength and resilience of the band. Always inspect your resistance band for any nicks or tears prior to each use.

How Long Will A Band Last Before It Needs To Be Replaced?
The BodyGym resistance bands are made from high-quality dipped latex and will vary depending on usage and care. Always inspect your BodyGym resistance band for any nicks or tears prior to each use.

How Many Repetitions Should Be Done With Each Exercise?
When beginning to exercise with the BodyGym, listen to your body and consult with your physician to determine the appropriate repetitions for your fitness level.

Still Have Questions?
If you still have additional questions about your BodyGym
please contact our customer care team

WARNING! Contains natural latex rubber that may cause allergic reactions such as skin rashes; hives; nasal, eye, or sinus symptoms; asthma; and (rarely) shock. Your doctor can determine if you have a latex allergy or if you're at risk of developing a latex allergy.

Reviews >>

"This portable piece of equipment has helped me when I can't get to the gym."

"This product is wonderful for anyone who needs to exercise in different places. Light weight but gives you good resistance and perfect to travel with."

"Wonderful! I can't believe the difference in my body shape!
No more muffin top! It really works!"

"I really love this piece of equipment. It's so easy and so convenient that you will actually use it. Even if you use it just a few minutes here , there during the day you will see results. It's fun!"

"Even Grandmas can use it
Haven't "hit the gym " since my divorce, 20 years now. Now it is an effort to "hit the gym" or even go out in public. I can feel my muscles cry out in happiness " she is finally using us." I know it will take time to undo 20 years of being a couch potato, but BodyGym is one of the best investments I've made in a long time"

"Easy to do for beginning workouts
Easy to do especially for those with issues, like knees and back pain."