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Firm and Strengthen your abs
Shape your Waist line
Get Abdomen fit training

Gymbit 6abs Shaper uses specially developed NMES Technology (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) intended for the enhancement of performance of the abdominal muscles.

Gymbit 6abs Shaper contract and exercise all your abdominal muscles effectively.It helps tone, tighten and strengthen your abdominals, increase your endurance and give you a better body shape.

It is very easy and convenient for use, suitable for men or women. You can do your 20 - 40 minutes abs session with Gymbit 6abs Shaper whenever you want.

Gymbit 6abs Shaper is totally portable and cordless. It is used under your clothes and allows you to tone waist, shape muscles.

Gymbit 6abs Shaper is your personalized at home abs trainer.For the best results we advise to use it while doing a physical activity in order to increase the results and to achieve a powerful, slim and attractive body.

Gymbit 6abs Shaper has 5 different predefined programs (modes) to tone your body and firm your ab muscles. You can increase or decrease the intensity of each program by pressing + or -.

Explanation of modes:
MODE 1: (green light) - Preparation of the skin for electrostimulation / Activation of
MODE 2: (purple light) - A gradual increase of intention / Warming
up and regeneration
MODE 3: (yellow light) - Low frequency / Training for beginners
MODE 4: (blue light) - Fat burning program
MODE 5: (white light) - High intensity training

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