Börner Crispymaker 2-piece set


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Delicious, homemade crisps that are completely fat-free? This is now possible in a matter of minutes with the Börner Crispymaker.

Prepare crispy crisps or healthy vegetable crisps without fat and unhealthy additives.

Wash and peel potatoes or other vegetables such as carrots, parsnips or red beets for vegetable crisps.

Cut them into slices with your Börner slicer using the thinnest setting and place them on to the Crispymaker.

Make sure that the slices do not overlap - that way your homemade crisps will turn out really crispy.

Season them to taste with spices of your choice and place them in the microwave to prepare fat-free crisps. To clean, simply put the Crispymaker into the dishwasher.

The Crispymaker 2-piece set enables you to prepare either a small in between meal snack or a larger amount of crisps for larger gatherings.

Hint: Store your crisps in the Börner Multimaker with vacuum lid to keep them fresh longer.

Check out our Börner Vital slicer tutorials and recipes on our Zestify YouTube Channel

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Includes >>

2 x Börner crisp maker plates