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The Deluxe Börner Vital slicer, including the Borner Julienne and Grater Insert Set, is all you need in the kitchen for your slicing, dicing & grating of fresh fruits and vegetables.

German made of high quality BPA free plastic and with stainless steel blades, the Börner Vital Slicer is unbeatable in speed and precision when preparing slices, sticks, strips and cubes of vegetables & fruit. Safe to use and reduces food waste.

Easy to clean & easy to store with the free docking station.

It includes:

5 Cutting inserts with razor sharp, stainless steel blades, easily adjustable to different thickness levels to slice, dice, make strips, grate or create fine, matchstick-sized strips, ribbons or noodles.

New Dressing Dispenser, which allows you to slice whilst dispensing dressing evenly over your vegetables.

Check out our Börner Vital slicer tutorials and recipes on our Zestify YouTube Channel

Practical Finger Protector, safe to use and reduces food waste, slicing every last bit.

Blade Holder for safe and easy storage of additional cutting inserts.

Every Börner V5 slicer comes with a 5 year guarantee and its own serial number engraved on the German stainless-steel blade.

FREE Docking Station, to store your Vital Slicer neatly and safely.

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Includes >>

1 x Börner Vital Slicer

1 x Dressing Dispenser: The new dressing dispenser function is the perfect addition to the original Börner V Slicer. Simply fill the container with your choice of dressing and the ingenious roller function distributes the dressing all over the slices. Leaving you with a delicious salad with dressing on right away, perfect for coleslaw!

1 x 3.5mm blade insert: With the 3.5mm insert you can cut fine strips and cubes from various fruits or vegetables. Julienne strips, are easy with this insert, and are great for raw food salads

1 x 7mm blade insert: The 7mm blade insert allows you to cut larger strips and cubes out of fruits and vegetables, which are perfect for French fries, soups & one pot dishes

1 x Julienne  blade insert, made out of BPA free plastic, with original Börner stainless steel blades

1 x Grater insert, made out of BPA free plastic, with original Börner stainless steel blades

1 x Finger Protector: The finger protector fits securely and protects your fingers from the sharp Börner blades. The inner bars hold the fruit or vegetable securely whilst leaving very little waste as you slice all the way to the end of the fruit

1 x Blade Holder: Stores all your blades safely and neatly

1 x FREE Docking Station: Allows you to store all the elements of the Börner Vital Slicer in one place, the tray even allows you to store it drip drying once washed, making for a very easy clean

How To Use >>

Here's how it works:
The Vital Slicer cuts slices into four different thicknesses from thick to ultra thin with the slice insert. Easy to adjust with a simple click system to change the thickness you wish to slice.

To release the Börner Vital slicer from its blade-protection setting, push the red button on the side of the slicer and pull back the slicing insert until it aligns with the arrows on the side. This is the thickest slicing position.
Light pressure forward advances the insert to one of the 3 thinner slicing positions, each confirmed by a clicking sound.
The final position forward returns the Börner Vital slicer to the blade-protection setting, where the blades are visibly covered, and cutting is impossible. This setting should always be used when finished working with the Börner Vital slicer, for the safety of children and adults alike.
The button release mechanism insures an even higher level of safety for you and your family. To change inserts from slicer to julienne or cubing, press the release button and pull the slicing insert back to the point where its arrows align with the arrows on the side of the slicer body; then simply lift out one insert, align the new insert's arrows with the side arrows, and press straight down to lock.

Quick, easy but safe to use, you will love slicing and dicing making cooking fun again. Push the insert all the way to the front, and it serves as a safety insert and protects against the sharp knives of the cutter.

The versatility of the Vital Slicer makes the preparation of salads, soups, casserole dishes, stir fries and many more recipes a joy.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities.

How To Clean And Store >>

To clean, simply hold briefly under running water.

About Börner >>

Börner offers quality made in Germany since 1956. With a head office in Landscheid-Niederkail in the Eifel, Börner stands for health and vitality. It supports a healthy and balanced diet and their products are perfectly suitable for that. They have been the cause for excitement and have been making cooking easier for over 60 years now. It is Börner's mission to provide their customers with a range of high quality kitchen products that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and thus relieve work in the kitchen.

The Börner products are known for longevity and will inspire you over decades and should spark joy for a long time for your kitchen work and allow a healthy and active life. Convince yourself!
Börner is easy. quick. healthy.