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Good for your kitchen, good for our planet!

Recyclable, sustainable, environmentally friendly - the DELIMANO GREEN PLANET range are made from 100% recycled aluminium.
A real joy for lovers of Italian food! Make pasta, pizza or fried chicken with the GREEN PLANET BELLA ITALIA set.

This 6–piece set of high quality pans is the perfect choice for all your cooking needs! It consists of a pasta pot (22 cm), a frying pan (24 cm), a wok pan (28 cm), a griddle pan (28 x 28 cm), a pizza pan (30 cm) and a lid / strainer (22 cm).

These pans are made from 100% recycled aluminum, making them a more environmentally friendly choice and have a non-stick and scratch resistant coating on the inside.

Cook healthy and nutritious dishes with the DELIMANO GREEN PLANET range of pots & pans. Fast-heating and lightweight, these pots and pans are perfect for making all your Italian favourites and more!

The most versatile pans - non-stick, scratch resistant, easy to clean – these will become a must-have in your kitchen!

  • Up to 12 times better coating durability *
  • Up to 15 times longer non-stick resistance properties *
  • More than 2.5 times more scratch resistance *
  • The base is made of 100% recycled aluminum

(* Compared to commercially available commercial coatings.)

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Includes >>

Green Planet Bella Italia Set - 6 pieces

Enjoy Italian cuisine with a special set of DELIMANO pots & pans. A stylish set of pots & pans with the base being made of recycled aluminum, making them durable and lightweight. Plus, you can cook with less fat. Let your menu be complemented not only by delicious but also healthy food recipes!
1 x Pasta Pot, 22 cm (capacity - 5.2l) – a large pan to cook the perfect pasta & drain it with the lid. Also great to cook vegetables, soups & rice.
1 x Frying pan, 24 cm (capacity - 1.8l) - for all your frying needs - eggs, pancakes, vegetables, meat fish, sauces.
1 x Wok pan, 28 cm (capacity - 3.5 l) – perfect for stir fries & risotto or preparing larger quantities of fried dishes.
1 x Griddle pan, 28 x 28 cm – great for steaks, chicken, fish.
1 x Pizza pan, 30 cm – the best way to bake not only pizza, but also great for cakes.
1 x Lid / strainer, 22 cm – designed to fit the pasta saucepan, with openings so you can conveniently pour the pasta or vegetable liquid directly from the pan.

Features >>

Scratch Resistant & Non- Stick
• High quality pots and pans make all the difference in your kitchen.
• The dishes in the GREEN PLANET STARTER set are coated with Whitford Eclipse. It is reinforced with diamond particles and is water based.
• This coating does not contain harmful substances (heavy metals, PFOA, PFOS, bisphenol A).
• The coating is also scratch-resistant and non-stick.
• Very little oil is required when frying or making omelettes or panckaes – making this a healthy option and easy to clean!

Benefits >>

A healthy way to cook
• Less fat needed when cooking with the Delimano Green Planet range
• Make healthy & balanced meals for all the family

Easy Storage - stackable
• When not in use, the Green Planet Starter Set can be conveniently stacked as they do not have handles.
• Perfect storage solution for kitchens tight on space.

Aluminum - light, durable, quickly transfers heat
Many advantages of recycled aluminum:
• Excellent thermal conductivity (225 W / M ° K), the dishes heat up quickly and evenly (avoiding hot and cold areas)
• Lightweight (2.7 g / cm³)
• Stainless steel
• Durable and hard wearing
• Safe, meets the requirements for materials intended to come into contact with food.

Suitable for all types of hobs
• Can be used on all types of hobs including: induction, gas, electric.

Why Choose Green Planet? >>

Update your kitchen with the GREEN PLANET BELLA ITALIA set
The DELIMANO GREEN PLANET BELLA ITALIA set consists of 5 well-thought-out pots & pans, plus a lid which doubles up as a strainer, that will bring a slice of Italy to your table at home, from pasta to minestrone or homemade pizza to chicken Milanese – this set has it all covered! Transform your home into an Italian kitchen with this exciting set of cookware, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Why Choose Delmano Green Planet Pots & Pans?
The DELIMANO GREEN PLANET BELLA ITALIA set is a more environmentally friendly range of pots and pans so you can help be part of a more sustainable way of life. The base of these dishes is made of recycled aluminum. Recycling aluminum generates up to 95% less hazardous waste than extracting aluminum normally **.
In addition, when the pan is worn out and it is time to replace it, you can rest assured that your DELIMANO pan can be recycled. Recycled aluminum does not lose its properties and structural characteristics.
** According to a report by the European Aluminum Association, 2012.

Great for your kitchen and Great for our Planet!
The Delimano Green Planet range are created by fostering sustainability and concern for our planet. In creating these pots & pans, we drew inspiration from green technologies, for which recycling, reuse and waste reduction are particularly important.
The dishes are based on 100% recycled aluminum. Natural raw materials and recycled materials left over from internal production processes were selected for the production of the handles.
The recycled paper packaging is biodegradable. DELIMANO has taken cooking to the next level!
Prepare food with pleasure, knowing that each part of the dish is made from carefully thought-out materials.

Made in Italy

Also Available - Glass Lids >>

Add glass lids to your collection of Green Planet Pans

• DELIMANO lids are made of environmentally friendly borosilicate glass. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than ordinary glass, which breaks into sharp shards when broken.
• The lid is transparent so you can conveniently monitor the production process. The handle of the lid comes with a special groove into which you can conveniently place a spatula or spoon to mix the dish.
• Choose from 4 lid diameters: 16 cm, 24 cm, 26 cm, 28 cm.

Additional Product Details >>

Dishwasher safe: Yes
Dimensions: Pasta pot - 22 cm, Frying pan - 24 cm, Wok pan - 28 cm, Griddle pan - 28 x 28 cm, Pizza pan - 30 cm
Material: Aluminum
Base material: Aluminum
Country of origin: Italy
Usage: Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction
Capacity: Pasta pot - 5.2l, Frying pan - 1.8l, Wok pan - 3.5l, Griddle pan - 2l, Pizza pan - 1.8l
Internal material: Non-stick coating

Warnings >>

Before use: remove packaging & stickers. Rinse well. Wipe the inside of the pan with a drop of vegetable oil. This will ensure smooth cooking and easier cleaning.

Use: Check that the pan fits your hob so that you place the pan on a suitable heat source (see the information on the front of the package). This product is designed to be as energy efficient as possible, so set only low or medium heat when cooking (especially for induction cookers). High heat is not recommended as it may damage the product or even the hob. Always heat the pan gradually and never use the boost function. Do not heat an empty pan, as this may damage it, especially the non-stick coating. For longer shelf life, use wooden, nylon or silicone tools. Do not cut the food in the container with a knife, do not use other sharp tools. Metal tools can be used, but using them intensively can damage the coating in the long run. SET INDUCTION COOKERS TO LOW OR MEDIUM POWER. Save energy and set the medium heat on the induction hob. Excessive power can damage the cookware or even the hob.

Cleaning: Wash the dish under running water with a mild sponge and dish detergent.
Although the product can be washed in various ways, to ensure the longest possible life of the pans, we do not recommend washing them in the dishwasher, as some dishwasher detergents contain very strong and corrosive ingredients. Intensive use of the pans may slightly change the colour of the inner coating (it may turn yellow, stains may appear).