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Quick 'n' Brite the Cleanest Formula in the world is back!

Quick ‘n' Brite is a powerful multi-purpose cleaner, it is completely bio-degradable, is environmentally safe , non-toxic and it comes in the form of a paste and a concentrated liquid.

Use Quick 'n' Brite for all your cleaning jobs... in the Kitchen, Bathroom, on Windows, Floors, Furniture, Upholstery, Carpets, Clothing , for Outdoor Cleaning Jobs, such as decking, BBQs , even your car or bike!

The Quick ‘n' Brite paste is super-concentrated to tackle the toughest of stains, but gentle enough to use on all fabrics

Use Quick ‘n' Brite paste directly on tough stains , built on grime.

Dilute the Quick 'n' Brite liquid to make a great multi-purpose cleaning spray.

Innovative dosing bottle to create the desired level of concentration

Use either the spray bottle or the push , pull bottle

Quick 'n' Brite is safe to use around your children, pets and food

Quick 'n' Brite has been used by millions of people in over 50 countries worldwide over the last 20 years and now it is back better than ever with the new Quick Start Bottle which comes super-concentrated so you can dilute it the required strength and make up to 100 bottles of super versatile cleaning spray. You just need to "Squeeze, Measure , Pour".

Quick 'n' Brite can replace so many different cleaners, saving you money , space, it is great for you and great for the environment.

It includes:

1 x Bottle of super-concentrated Quick 'n' Brite liquid, 1000 ml
2 x Quick’n Brite paste in 340g tub
2 x Empty mixing bottles
1 x Push and pull
1 x Spray applicator
2 x Cleaning sponge
2 x Cleaning cloth
1 x Manual

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Precautions >>

Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the product to be cleaned.

Always try first on a small, invisible piece of the item to be cleaned to see what the effect is and whether the colour does not change.

Do not use on raw leather or suede. Keep out of reach of children.

Includes >>

1 x Bottle of super-concentrated Quick 'n' Brite liquid, 1000 ml

2 x Quick’n Brite paste in 340g tub

2 x Empty mixing bottles

1 x Push and pull

1 x Spray applicator

2 x Cleaning sponge

2 x Cleaning cloth

1 x Manual

How To Use >>

Quick 'n Brite saves you time and money because you don't need a different household cleaner for every surface of your home!

Use the Paste full strength on stubborn jobs like cleaning showers, removing clothing stains and carpet stains, no matter how long they have been there.

Use the handy Quick Start Dispenser to dilute the super concentrated liquid into a Light Solution (10ml + 1 litre of water) to clean windows, mirrors, glass, aluminium, chrome, stainless steel and more.

Or dilute the liquid in the Quick Start Dispenser into a Heavy Solution (45 ml + 1 litre of water) to clean floors, linoleum, vinyl, wood, asphalt, concrete and vinyl.

See Instructions for full list of where and how to use Quick ‘n’ Brite on each surface or stain.

About Quick'n Brite >>

Quick 'n Brite is a multifunctional, all-purpose cleaner. Gone are the days of kitchen cupboards filled to overflowing with too many different cleaning products, each with their own particular use. Quick 'n Brite replaces all your other cleaners as it does so many different jobs effectively & efficiently. The powerful, bio- degradable components of Quick 'n Brite tackle even the toughest of stains but is gentle enough not to damage delicate fabrics.

Quick ‘n Brite is not only the ideal all-purpose cleaner for use at home, in the car and in the garden, you can take it with you on holiday and use it for your hand wash, clothes wash or for any other cleaning jobs!

It works instantly to remove dirty shower grime, deep clothing stains, grease build up on stoves, kitchen floors and even leather sofas. Best of all Quick ‘n’ Brite is safe to use around your kids, pets & food! Why, because it is 100% non-toxic and contains no harsh chemicals.

Where It Can Be Used >>

Auto Tyres & Wheels: Give your tyres that showroom look and effortlessly remove road grime, brake dust, and dirt from your custom wheels.

Carpet: Dirt, grime, and stains will disappear with the powerful action of Quick’n Brite, no matter how long the stain has been there.

Clothing: Don't throw that shirt or blouse away, rub Quick’n Brite full strength on the spot and completely remove stains. Takes out set in stains no matter how long they have been there.

Floors: Recover the splendor of your hardwood, tile or vinyl floors with Quick’n Brite. Easily remove years of dirt and grease with one simple cleaning.

Greasy Stove Tops: Quick’n Brite cuts through grease and cooking spills and will leave your stove top shining with just a few strokes of the sponge.

Leather Upholstery: Dirt and oil build up on expensive leather furniture comes right off with Quick’n Brite. It will leave it looking new again and even restore that soft leather feel.

Showers & Tubs: Leave Quick 'n' Brite to tackle tough Soap scum, hard water stains and lime deposits on fiberglass tubs and showers. Plus there are no fumes or chemicals!

Walls: When children's art projects move from paper to your walls, crayon, pencil and pen drawings can be safely lifted right off your walls...without the fear of also removing the paint.

Windows & Mirrors: Quick’n Brite will cut through the toughest dirt and grease from windows and mirrors. It effortlessly cuts through fingerprints, dried toothpaste, and even hair spray!

Faq’s >>

Q: What is the difference between the liquid and the paste?

A: The liquid and paste are both full strength. The liquid is best used for steam clean machines, windshield fluid, in dishwashers & washing machines or for areas you wish to clean with a spray, such as windows & kitchen worktops. The paste is better used for set in stains or stains that require more attention, such as carpets, on clothing, bath tubs.  To make full strength liquid from the paste, you will need to melt the paste in the microwave or stovetop without adding water. The liquid can be used as a concentrate or diluted down, follow instructions on the bottle.

Q: Can I use the product on hardwood floors?

A: Yes. Our product does a wonderful job on hardwood floors with or without a finish on them. Please follow the instructions provided to show how best to use.

Q: Will Quick n Brite remove pet stains from carpeting?

A: Yes. Our product will remove pet stains. Use the full strength paste as directed.

Q: Does your product remove hard water stains?

A: For these types of stains we advise using a 0000 steel wool wet, apply Quick’n Brite paste generously. Rub it in and let sit for 15-20 minutes. If it doesn't come off the first time, repeat the process.

Q: What does the product clean?







Q: What is full strength? Is that the Heavy Solution?

A: Full strength refers to the paste or liquid before it is diluted. Heavy Solution is a diluted form of the liquid or paste.

Q: When I wash my windows, it seems like QnB leaves streaks. What will help prevent this?

A: We suggest that you add more hot water to your solution. Streaks occur when the solution is too strong.