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In this fantastic cleaning combo pack you get one QuickBroom, and one QuickBrush for one amazing low price. This package will have you prepared to tackle all sorts of mess , dirt.

The QuickBroom is ideal for picking up lint, dust, dirt, and more from clothing, upholstery, carpets, and rugs, wood floors, tile, and other hard surfaces. Works wonderfully when cleaning up dirt and spills.

Can also be used wet to clean cars, boats, and RV's. Rubber bristles on one side and a squeegee on the other turn this broom into a wonderful tool to keep inside the home and out.

The QuickBroom has a durable squeegee built-in along the entire length of the solid rubber head. This feature doubles the use of the tool. The squeegee is great for removing snow and slush from vehicles in the winter. Squeegee your floors and windows after cleaning them. You'll find just as many uses for the squeegee as you will for the rubber bristles of the Rubber Broom.

The QuickBrush is great for using on upholstery, clothing, stairs or even directly on your pet. A great tool for pet lovers, use on hair , fur with brilliant results!



QuickBroom: Handle Material Steel, Head Material Rubber, Squeegee Yes

QuickBrush: Handle Material Rubber, Brush Material Rubber

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How And Where To Use >>
QuickBroom can be used for sweeping up dirt from tiled surfaces, wooden floors, linoleum; in fact any surface imaginable. The hundreds of flexible rubber bristles form a wall to collect all the dirt without stirring up dust.

QuickBroom is your ideal scrubber, the flexible bristles are tough enough for scrubbing rough concrete surfaces but can also be used safely on your car´s paintwork or windows without the risk of scratching.

QuickBroom construction is 100% washable and leaves no area for bacteria build-up.

QuickBroom is indestructible. The tough natural rubber bristles will not wear, tear or lose its shape like conventional brooms.

The rubber bristles flex and penetrate into the carpet pile to remove unwanted pet hair without the risk of damaging or scuffing valuable furniture.

QuickBroom can be used equally effective indoors or outdoors. Outdoors the tough rubber bristles make easy work of dirty walkways, driveways and patios. Sweeping up wet leaves is a breeze!.

Simply flip the QuickBroom over and let the built-in rubber squeegee blade remove excess water from floors, walls and windows.

Fantastic value cleaning set
Use Outdoors or Indoors
Picks up dust & dirt from all kinds of floor surfaces
Made from tough, natural rubber bristles