Vegan Revolution Non-Dairy Drink Maker

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Make your own delicious non-dairy drinks at home from grains, seeds and nuts using your own ingredients with no need to buy expensive shop bought alternatives!
• Use 100% natural ingredients, free of additives and preservatives.
• Make delicious Vegan drinks from almonds, oats, coconuts, cashews, quinoa, seeds, and soy.
• Also use your non-dairy alternatives for cereal, cooking, baking, coffee, tea, lattes, smoothies, protein shakes or soups.
• So versatile – the Vegan Revolution is the easy way to go dairy free!
• Make a healthy change to your lifestyle

THE VEGAN REVOLUTION DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU: Simply add your presoaked nuts, seeds, or grains and add water, then press the start button. That’s it! Let the Vegan Revolution do the hard work for you. It processes, heats, and calculates the right amount of time to prepare the liquid all by itself. Its innovative smart processing system extracts the full nutritional value from each grain. Ensuring that no vitamin or mineral EVER goes to waste. Strain the liquid and then use the residue to bake and cook with – absolutely nothing is wasted, great for making healthy family meals and treats, without buying expensive specialist products!

WHAT ELSE CAN THE VEGAN REVOLUTION DO: Use the residue from the liquid to make delicious yogurt, cheese, soups, breads, ice cream, desserts, smoothies & much more – it’s the easy way to go dairy free every day!

- A great choice for people wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle
- Save money by making your own non-dairy, plant based drinks
- Use your own 100% natural ingredients,
- Use the residue from the liquid to make nut butters, bake cakes, use in cooking
- A great choice for people with lactose intolerances & allergies
- Non-dairy is healthy, nutritious & packed full of important minerals & vitamins
- Easy to use, simply add your ingredients and push 1 button and the Vegan Revolution will do the rest!
- Try lots of tasty, healthy Vegan recipes – your family will love too!
- Requires minimum effort, no fuss

The Vegan Revolution instruction manual and bonus recipe e-book can be downloaded here

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Includes >>

1 x the Vegan Revolution plant based drinks maker machine
1 x measuring cup
1 x strainer
1 x instruction manual
1 x recipe book

Benefits >>

• Rich in vitamins and minerals.
• Low calorie and enriched with antioxidants.
• Naturally lactose free.
• Rich in unsaturated fats – good for heart health & help to maintain blood cholesterol levels

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