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Pillow Active Cold & Flu – TV Offer


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The Pillow Active Cold , Flu Season Pillow case has been specifically designed to help you sleep more easily during periods of nasal congestion. The soft , relaxing material has been infused with natural oils of Menthol , Eucalyptus which help act as a decongestant , therefore help you sleep better and provide soothing comfort from the symtoms of colds , flu.

The Pillow Active Difference?

· Infused with natural menthol , eucalyptus oils
· Soft , relaxing material
· Designed for superior warmth , comfort
· Perfect for the whole family during the cold , flu season
You'll wake up feeling more refreshed – Pillow Active helps you get through the toughest colds.
What's the Secret?

The material is infused with natural menthol and eucalyptus oils that you breathe in during the night.
Using micro-encapsulation technology, every time you move the menthol and eucalyptus oil scents are gradually released from the pillow case to provide you soothing comfort and ultimate freshness.
The box contains 1 x UK size standard Pillow case 20x30" or 50x75cm

100% Polyester

· Scented elements last up to 15 washes

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Special Offer!
Relief of Cold , Flu Symptoms
2 x Pillow case with Menthol , Eucalyptus
Sleep Better!

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